Smooth facade

A lot of customers do not prefer textured plaster, as they wish to see a smooth facade in white, beige, grey or any other colour. Such architectural solution symbolises a wish to enjoy constancy and tranquillity. In addition to this, smooth plaster looks beautiful and does not accumulate dirt. It can be washed easily. Achieving a smooth facade is possible on a perfectly prepared surface using a reinforcement mesh. The reinforcement will not allow the decorative layer to crack. A special facade plaster is suitable for smooth design. The industry offers facade plasters with high water resistance, vapor permeability, which do not shrink and do not form cracks; the treated surface is fungus- and mould-resistant. Facade plasters do not have any pronounced, specific odour. The high elasticity of facade plasters contributes to the fact that they can be applied when dealing with thermal insulation systems for insulating facades, as well as they can be applied to cement and concrete. Due to its completely ready-to-use composition, this plaster can be used immediately.

Smooth plaster advantages:

  • moisture and UV resistance;
  • beautiful appearance;
  • pleasant to the touch, without any roughness;
  • affordability;
  • easy installation;
  • insulation and protection;
  • long-lasting durability;
  • any colour scheme.
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