Sandwich panels

Sandwich panels are a modern building material consisting of three composite layers. The upper layer and the lower layer are made from a hard material (galvanised metal, oriented strand boards/OSB, PVC, fibreboards, magnesium oxide wallboards, zinc-aluminium), and there is a middle layer responsible for thermal and acoustic insulation between them. The composite layers of sandwich panels are connected to each other by means of cold or hot pressing. Depending on the composite layers and their operational properties, wall and roof panels are distinguished. Sandwich panels are used for the construction of quickly erectable frame houses, pavilions, warehouses, commercial facilities, for cladding and insulation of facades. For facade design, factory-made sandwich panels (phased assembly) are used. They can serve as a ventilated facade.

Advantages of wall sandwich panels for ventilated facades:

  • reliable protection;
  • strength and long-lasting durability;
  • insulating properties;
  • quality and durability;
  • beautiful, modern look;
  • various colour schemes;
  • any size;
  • facade cladding at any time of the year;
  • quick installation.

The price of sandwich panels depends on the thickness of the filler and its appearance. In factory-made structures, basalt mineral wool or polystyrene foam is used. A thin, 0.5 mm metal with a polymer coating and profiled finish is used for the upper and for the lower layer. If mineral wool is used in the panels, then their level of fire safety is high. The price of such structures is more affordable. The material is characterised by a high degree of fire safety, but its moisture resistance is slightly less than the moisture resistance of polystyrene. Sandwich panels with a polystyrene foam insulation are characterised by a low degree of water absorption, low vapor permeability; and, in addition to this, they do not change their “geometry” over time. Unlike combustible plaster foam, polystyrene foam moderately ignites in direct contact with fire and does not spread flame.

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