Interior works

Interior works

People who are not performing a renovation themselves may think that renovation works can be carried out successfully and without any difficulties if you only have enough money. However, it is not so easy to turn your renovation ideas into a reality if you have not found your ideal contractor. Therefore, the search for the best renovation team is an important precondition for carrying out successful renovation activities.

Reliable professional company

Our company has been renovating apartments, houses, summer cottages, offices, public buildings and industrial buildings since the end of the last century. During the period of our activity, we have gained a reputation as a responsible and reliable partner. Companies, enterprises of many kinds, and citizens willingly cooperate with us. Although our company does not use extensive advertising, we do not lack clients. We have achieved recognition thanks to the high-quality work we perform.



  • a high level of expertise;
  • carrying out luxury, affordable or economical renovations;
  • performing major (complete) or minor renovations;
  • stable prices;
  • deadline control;
  • comprehensive works in connection with renovating premises, new buildings without installed equipment, other private and public properties.

Our specialists have carried out a lot of renovations. For our team, every renovation weds the implementation of the designer’s ideas and the apartment owners’ wishes. Appreciation and positive feedback from our clients are the confirmation of our skills.

We approach each renovation project individually and develop our sequential, step-by-step action plan. If a complex major renovation is planned or a new building is being provided with the necessary facilities, the foreman determines the sequence of work in such a way as not to prolong the renovation works and not to fail to comply with the technological requirements with respect to the actions to be carried out. It is necessary that the owners of the apartment participate in order to decide on the installation of gypsum board partitions (in the new building), on the rational placement of sockets, switches, cables for wired internet connection, and the antenna. We carry out minor or major renovations of entire apartments, houses, offices as well as renovations of separate rooms.

Major and minor renovations

  • If any structural changes or the replacement of many systems and utilities are foreseen in the renovation, it is classified as a major renovation. This type of renovation work requires large amounts of money and the replacement of many utilities. When carrying out a major renovation, the following is changed:
  • the pipes and the sewerage system;
  •  the electrical wiring and the electrical lighting system;
  • window and door units;
  • flooring;
  • wallpapers and ceilings;
  • heating systems;
  • electricity, water, etc. meters.

A major renovation is often connected with the dismantling of walls and old closets, the installation of new partitions, niches, arches. In addition to this, the loggia is often connected with the living room, the kitchen is combined with the closest room, and within a large living room, a small bedroom is created. For this purpose, gypsum board or plastic partitions are suitable. The dismantling of simple structures is possible without removing the load-bearing walls.

A minor renovation is a simple refurbishment of the premises, which is aimed at refreshing the walls, the ceiling, and the floor without applying complex design solutions. During this, the following works are carried out:

  • the wall coverings are changed;
  • a stretch ceiling or a suspended ceiling is installed, or the existing ceilings are spackled, wallpapered;
  • the linoleum is changed;
  • ceramic tiles are laid;
  • the interior doors are changed, etc.

Regardless of the type and extent of the renovation, our specialists perform all works professionally and efficiently.

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