Electricity in apartments and houses

In long-used apartments, there is an essential drawback: poor electrical wiring with unreasonable positioning of electrical sockets and switches. The use of modern household appliances and electric heating systems requires the use of improved wiring. The most costly but most effective way is wall chasing. It is connected with the preparation of special channels in the wall for cable routing. Such work is associated with dust and a subsequent cosmetic renovation. Besides this method of replacing the electric cable, there are simpler methods connected with laying the cable in the skirting boards, special cases, corrugated electrical wiring tubes, cable ducts, hiding wires behind the stretch ceiling, etc. In addition to replacing the cable, new electrical outlets are installed.

The company’s specialists will install electrical sockets and switches in convenient locations, change chandeliers and other lighting fixtures.

Carrying out the electrical works in a new building is a priority, as it will not be possible to perform the following activities without electricity. The foreman will correctly distribute the tasks in the course of carrying out the electrical works so that it will be convenient to carry out further finishing and installation works.

In addition to the main work, the company’s specialists install low-voltage and low-current systems: alarm, video surveillance, telephony, access control and information collection systems, as well as Internet access.

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