Monolithic foundation

Monolithic foundation

Almost all multi-storey residential, industrial and commercial construction is based on the use of monolithic foundations. Some private houses are also built on a monolithic foundation.

The most common monolithic foundation type is the monolithic strip foundation. A distinctive feature of this concrete base is that concrete is only poured under the load-bearing walls. This method is more economical, providing the possibility to create a semi-basement, basements. In this case, high technical characteristics of the base are observed.

A number of advantages of the monolithic foundation include the following:

  • exclusivity, strength and durability;
  • high technical characteristics;
  • wide area of application for private housing construction as well as for the construction of high-rise buildings and other monolithic structures;
  • long service life.

The disadvantages of the monolithic foundation include the fact that its construction requires a lot of work, consumables, removable formwork and other equipment. Based on this, it can be noted that, although the monolithic foundation is expensive, it is the most reliable foundation type.

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