Various questions may arise both when collecting documentation and when choosing a design or using different materials. Our specialists will give you professional advice.

They will advise customers on the following issues:

  • construction of energy-efficient houses;
  • functional reconstruction and quality renovation;
  • selection of a foundation;
  • installation of economical heating systems;
  • energy-efficient ventilation installations;
  • facade design;
  • roof installation;
  • floor installation;
  • power saving;
  • installation of autonomous sewerage systems;
  • choosing the optimal insulation for your house with calculating the optimal thickness of the panels;
  • selection of optimal building materials, etc.

In our company, you will receive advice on the construction, design, installation of water supply and sewerage systems, on gas supply, electricity, carrying out renovation works. You will be given a comprehensive answer to your questions, with professional reasoning why you should choose this option. You will be advised by competent specialists with wide experience who know everything about materials and technologies and, in practice, have had many opportunities to be convinced that their opinions are correct.

We will help you to solve non-standard issues that arise during the construction, renovation or preparation of the required documentation.

Any questions?