Design solutions

Design solutions

Our company has specialists with an architectural education and the corresponding work experience. They can design buildings, carry out estimations for the construction, develop plans of buildings, facades and interior spaces, create visual pictures. If you are interested in BC or UC designs, please contact our specialists.

Design approval

Before starting construction or performing other large-scale works, it is necessary to obtain a building permit. For this, you need to develop design documentation. The initial task is to register the rights to the land plot on which the construction works will be carried out (obtaining a certificate of ownership or concluding a lease agreement). In addition to this, you will need to know the urban conditions and restrictions. The preparation of the design documentation is necessary for new construction, as well as for the expansion, reconstruction, and re-equipment of buildings and premises. The design documentation is developed by licensed design organisations. The design documentation package consists of the following:

  • the schematic (sketch) design;
  • the feasibility studies and feasibility calculations;
  • the main design;
  • the working draft;
  • the working documentation.

The design creation is controlled by the chief engineer as well as by the project architect. The design consists of a title page, the required sections of the design and an explanatory note. The developed design documentation requires coordination in different institutions.

At the stage of developing the schematic (sketch) design, the permits related to architectural, urban planning, environmental, archaeological issues with a conclusion on the possibility of building an object of a certain cost are collected. The design consists of the following:

  • the topographic plan;
  • the land plot development schemes;
  • the urban conditions and restrictions;
  • the specifications for providing the necessary connections to facilities;
  • the conclusions about the geological engineering conditions;
  • the decisions of the local architectural authorities;
  • the site plan;
  • the estimate;
  • the explanatory note.

It will take a lot of time and effort to collect and coordinate the preparation of the documents. Not every customer is capable of such actions. Our specialists know all these stages and requirements very well. They will assist you at all the stages necessary to obtain building permits.

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